Dear RentMonitor Community,

We started RentMonitor to solve a very real problem: rent collection the old way was difficult, time consuming, and error prone. It was the only paper check many tenants were still writing. Over the past 3+ years, we’ve developed a great product to solve that problem and added other time saving features to go along with it.

During this time, we’ve emerged as one of the top contenders in online rent payments for small to medium landlords. From offering fast ACH payments and tenant screenings to most recently updating tenant communication options, we proudly built a go-to property management destination that enabled landlords to put their rental properties on autopilot.

It is with a heavy heart that we must share that RentMonitor will be ceasing all operations as of 3:59pm on December 19, 2016. We were in talks with a prominent company in the rent collection industry about a possible acquisition, but ultimately the partnership did not come to fruition. We are humbled to have had such loyal customers and are extremely proud of the impact we made on the online property management market. However, ultimately we were unable to find backers with the necessary vision to help us achieve our mission and the risk to continue to go it alone was too great.

On behalf of the entire company, we are grateful for the opportunity to have helped you make your rental management easier and only wish that we could continue doing so in the future.

Deanna and Brett
RentMonitor Cofounders