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Collect Rent Fast

Rent is the lifeblood of your business and you need it quickly. That's why we think it's important to have the fastest online rent collection processing time in the industry of only 2 business days.

Send Invoices

If rent isn't the only thing you're collecting, you'll love us all the more. Add as many line items as you need and send detailed invoices to your tenants 3 days before the rent is due.

Stay Informed

RentMonitor keeps you informed with emails, reports and text messages so sit back and relax while we do the work. Ding! You just received another notification of a tenant's rent payment.

Customize Late Fees

When a tenant pays late make sure you get everything you're owed with our automatic late fees that can be customized to include a set amount, daily amount or percentage of rent.

Pick the Right Tenants

Bad tenants can be very costly so we're here to help you avoid them. Using our screening tools from TransUnion helps you choose the right tenants from the very beginning.

Start for Free

Take us for a spin and get to know us. Explore the software for free to make sure RentMonitor is right for you before entering your sensitive information or bank account details.


"I compared you to nearly 30 other services. You guys had everything I needed without overwhelming me. And for the price…RentMonitor can't be beat!"

Alan K.



Using the same level of protection as your bank, we are dedicated to keeping your information safe and secure. We're trusted by thousands of users each month. Won't you join them?


At only $3/transaction, RentMonitor is an affordable solution that's hassle-free and will save you countless hours each month. Why are you still wasting time and money with paper checks? Learn more.


Stop worrying about collecting rent. From sending rent invoices and collecting rent to tracking payments and adding late fees, we make sure the rent is paid so you can get back to building your empire.


RentMonitor is easy to use and uncomplicated. You get the best online rent collection features you need without piling on crazy features you don't. We even offer free rental and lease import no matter your size.


Are you ready to automate your online rent collection process?
Call us with questions: 844-4-RNTMNTR (844-476-8668)